Materials & Resources

Materials and Tools

Your projects will require a considerable range of tools and materials. We are aware that purchasing materials is a hardship for some of you. Having a few basic tools will certainly make your work easier. The materials you need will vary, depending on the design of your individual projects. Some of the things listed below are optional but highly useful.

Required Basic Supplies

  • Hardbound, blank book, 8 x 1” minimum size (WARP Book; to be discussed in class)
  • Pencils and pens
  • Spiral bound, lined notebook—for writing exercises

Bring the above items to every class meeting.

Recommended Basic Supplies:

  • Utility knife (box cutter) with extra blades
  • 12″ and 36” steel rulers
  • Scissors
  • wood glue (glues will be discussed in class)
  • Inexpensive glue brushes
  • UHU glue sticks
  • Staple gun
  • 25’ tape measure
  • T-square (metal) or metal triangle
  • Hot glue gun and refills
  • Black, white and color acrylics and brushes

For almost everything you make in WARP, you will need different materials according to your particular idea. We will discuss in class where you can find materials and supplies. Use the yellow pages, check hardware stores, outlets and second hand stores, etc.

Sources for Tools and Materials:

Pearl Artist and Craft Supply

6448 S. Dixie Highway,

South Miami, FL 33143

(305) 663 8899

Blick Art Supplies

6250 South Dixie Highway,

Miami, FL 33143

(305) 740 7077

Jerry’s Artarama

1140 SW 67th Ave

Miami, FL

(305) 262- 0475

ACE Budget Hardware

1644 NE 2nd Ave,

Miami, FL 33127

(305) 379 5444

Home Depot

Many locations throughout

Miami-Dade and Broward


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