Event Calendar

Updated 8/27/14

WARP studentsYou are required to go to 4 events before Midterm Binder Review 10/6

You are required to:

– Take a picture of yourself at the event in front of an artwork that is interesting to you

– Write a brief review and include it in your 3 ring binder which will be turned in for a grade at the end of the semester.


9/2/14 Locust Projects Roundtable discussion with Elizabeth Shannon “We don’t need no education?” 7pm – 10pm

9/5/14 Opening Reception for GOLD at the Bass Museum of Art 7pm – 10pm

9/10 Locust Projects Talks with Louis Grachos from The Contemporary Austin, Austin TX 7pm – 10pm



10/5/14- Jeffery Deitch at the de la Cruz Collection. 8pm





4 thoughts on “Event Calendar

  1. I have a question. I will be participating in an opening reception at the Freedom Tower on September 12th, as a convenience, may I consider this as a visited art event for the week?

    • Yes, that is fine Ani.

      Reminder to all WARP students: If you have a conflict with the required events you can propose an alternate event to the professors. However, keep in mind that we do want the students to have a shared set of experiences and information, so please do try to make it to the suggested events. Thank you.

  2. Gabriel Gimenez is a young artist in Miami, I was thinking as an out of class event, to contact him and ask if its possible for the WARP class to go see him in his studio to talk about his artwork.

    • There are many amazing artists working in Miami that students can be inspired by- and I encourage you to seek him out and speak to him if he inspires you. It can count as an out of class event you write about.
      WARP class visits are mostly planned for the semester and will attempt to introduce you to the galleries and institutions that are the major cultural producers in Miami. Nonetheless, please come speak to me with your suggestions- thank you, Cristina

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