Workshop for Art Research and Practice (WARP) Art1803

Fall 2014

Course Classroom: 5217

Six Credits Weekly: 10 class hours, 10 individual research hours (Total 20 hours per week)

August 25 to December 12, 2014- Mondays, Wednesdays: 8:00 AM to 12:50 PM

Juries begin:



Susan Banks


Carol Todaro


Cristina Lei Rodriguez


Mondays- Carol Todaro and Cristina Lei Rodriguez

Wednesdays- Susan Banks and Cristina Lei Rodriguez

Teaching Assistant:

Rafael Alvarez


Sculpture Technician:

Dacil Hedlund 305.237.3886

(Check sculpture room door weekly for times when Dacil is available)

College Counselor:




“We should remember that every school is a temporary space intended to give young artists the theoretical and practical tools to navigate an ever-changing now themselves. In the end, that capacity to navigate on one’s own is what it’s all about. Really, nothing else matters.”

Art School (Propositions for the 21st century), pg. 233

WARP is an intensive, interdisciplinary class required for all incoming freshman and transfer students at New World School of the Arts. This class is an introduction to becoming an artist working today. We will learn though experience and focus on the following 4 ideas:

Reflection. Navigation. Creation. Participation


  • Ask questions. What does it mean to be an artist? What kind of artist will you be?
  • “Know thyself.” College is a time to learn what you are about and push yourself to be the best you can be.
  • Embrace knowledge. Think in different ways—broadly, imaginatively, deeply and critically—and to challenge pre-conceived or fixed notions of art. Ignorance is ignorance. Not knowing is not more creative.


  • In this class we will push you to think critically and embrace art history.
  • Push yourself to articulate both verbally and in written form an understanding about your work and the larger concepts you are engaging.
  • Be an intellectual. Learn to be a master of research, identify your sources for information and be able to say why.
  • Learn to participate in the contemporary art discourse. Contemporary art is practiced on an international platform where artists, thinkers, and writers share their ideas about our “ever-changing now”. In order to participate and join the dialogue, you must be informed and learn art speak.


  • Discipline and hard work lead to a strong art practice.
  • Craftsmanship matters. Learn proficiency in as many tools and techniques as you can. You don’t want your ideas to be limited because of your skills.


  • This class will introduce you to the art community. You will be required to participate. Going to see exhibitions out of class is required.
  • Create a network. A goal of this class is for students to build relationships, exchange ideas and support each other. Together, you can create an environment that will help you evolve.

Attendance Policy

  • The attendance policy permits 1 absence on a Monday and 1 absence on Wednesday before your grade is lowered
  • Tardies exceeding ten [10] minutes will be considered a full absence for the day. After 10m the door will be locked. Please gently knock on the door in the back of the classroom.   It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that the instructor documents your attendance.
  • Absences due to serious circumstances [i.e. hospital stay, death in the family] must be legitimately documented and approved by the Dean. It is the student’s responsibility to see his/her professor to make up any requested work due to an absence.

Storage of Art Work and Art Materials

Although the visual arts division has limited space for the specific storage space of artwork or art materials, WARP does have designated cages in the basement for storage. Please label all work stored clearly with you name and phone number. If you choose to leave your work or art materials in our facilities, you assume full responsibility

Evaluation / Grading

Grades will be based on the successful completion of:

  • Class projects
  • WARP Book and WARP Book sculptures.
  • Complete documentation of class projects and WARP Book sculptures
  • Writing and reading assignments
  • Class participation

Each student is required to keep a binder, which will be given a Midterm and Final grade. This binder represents you overall performance in the class and is to be turned in for grading on Wednesday 10/6 for Midterms and Wednesday 12/10 for Finals.

Your binder is your “portfolio” for this class and must include the following information in well organized sections:

  • Documentation of projects and WARP book sculptures
  • A written response to all guest lectures and out of class visits.
  • A written response to all assigned reading
  • A written response to out of class art events or art visits. Each student must attend 4 events before 10/6 and 6 events by 12/10. Please include a photograph of yourself at the art event or exhibition.       Check the blog for event listings beginning on 8/27.

The criteria for grading will be:

  • Thoroughness of project or task and the completion thereof by due date.
  • Thoroughness of research and development in working out the project.
  • Willingness to take risks, ability to overcome fear.
  • Display a high level visual proficiency and inventiveness
  • Command of material procedures
  • Evidence of growth.

You will NOT be given credit for a minimal effort. Completed projects, WARP Book, attendance, and participation in critiques and discussions are compulsory for all students. Rather, you will be seriously downgraded if any of these are lacking.

Keep everything that you make in WARP. You will be required to submit all of it at the end of the semester as a portfolio so that your progress toward the course goals may be evaluated. Drawings, photos and written documentation will sometimes be appropriate. Juries will be held the last week of classes. These will be explained at a later date.

After critiques, leave the classroom as you found it. If changes are made, all walls must be repainted, etc. the same day as your project is presented. Be respectful of your classmates and other classes that use 5217/5219.

Due dates for all projects are firm.

You will receive a grade for each project the week after a project is due and a written mid-term evaluation will be distributed to each student and filed in the art office. Midterm grades are given on 10/13.

Class participation means:

  • Responsible behavior in class, i.e., timely completion of projects, attendance and punctuality, exhibiting attentiveness and respect for self and others and for the process of class critique. Disruptions will not be tolerated at any time, nor will the use of cell phones or text messaging. Class begins each morning at 8:00 AM sharp and runs to 12:50 PM. What you did the night before is not an excuse for not being on time or for not being ready to actively participate.
  • Intelligent and articulate class participation in projects, discussions and critique—if you do not contribute to class discussions you will not pass this class!

Remember, interruptions happen. You may not always have access to the classroom as often as you would like. You may plan to present something during class time, but may be interrupted. If there’s an exciting art event in town, or if a speaker of special interest becomes available, class time will be preempted so the class can take advantage of the event. You must plan accordingly. Managing to work around deadlines and challenging conditions is part of growing up, and is certainly part of life as an artist—you might as well get used to it now.

In addition to minding the due dates given to you by your instructors, you should frequently check for announcements posted on the blog. Any changes or additional notices will be posted there. All projects are due at the beginning of class on the dates listed.

General Information for Assignments 

Most of your work on projects will be completed outside of class. You should dedicate a minimum of 10 hours per week outside of class time on your projects for WARP.

In completing the projects you are required to engage in outside research (libraries, gallery and museum visits, theatre, music, dance and other performance events, literature, professional contacts, etc.).

While we emphasize complete freedom to explore ideas, we must still use common sense in some areas. We do not allow anything that is illegal in any way. Anything which poses a danger to yourself or others, or property, is forbidden. Smoke will set off fire alarms, so special arrangements must be made if you require it. If there is any question about the above, you must consult your instructors in advance.

During the semester a number of outside activities will be arranged during class time. All outside visits during class time are obligatory. Failure to attend these outside activities constitutes an absence for the entire day. The class will arrange car pools for traveling to these venues

Materials and Tools

Your projects will require a considerable range of tools and materials. We are aware that purchasing materials is a hardship for some of you. Having a few basic tools will certainly make your work easier. The materials you need will depend on the design of your individual projects.

Required Basic Supplies

  • Hardbound, blank book, 8 x 1” minimum size (WARP Book; to be discussed in class)
  • Pencils and pens
  • 3 ring binder (1” – 1.5”) with tabs and plastic protector sheets

Additional project supplies:

For almost everything you make in WARP, you will need different materials according to your particular idea. We will discuss in class where you can find materials and supplies. Use the internet, check hardware stores, outlets and second hand stores, etc.

School Resources:

We have very few school tools available for your use. What we have will be available in the woodshop during posted woodshop hours. Do not store school tools in your personal possession for any reason or for any length of time. Although it may seem convenient for you, it will bring your classmates’ projects to a halt. Be considerate, we have no funds for tool replacement. 

Sources for Tools and Materials:

Blick Art Supplies

6250 South Dixie Highway,

Miami, FL 33143

(305) 740 7077


ACE Budget Hardware

1644 NE 2nd Ave,

Miami, FL 33127

(305) 379 5444



Jerry’s Artarama

1140 SW 67th Ave

Miami, FL

(305) 262- 0475


Home Depot

Many locations throughout

Miami-Dade and Broward


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