ATTENTION: THE ARTS NEED AND WANT YOU (If not you, please forward to friends!)
The Miami Rail, one of the most respected and widely distributed arts publications in Miami today, is looking for interns to assist in the creation of high quality cultural journalism.

We’re looking for smart, creative individuals who are passionate about the arts and culture, and willing and thirsty to learn the ropes of 21st century arts publishing — everything from the editorial process of copy editing and fact checking, to the physical and digital production of a high caliber magazine, website, and social media presence.

That said, we’re looking to fill two positions: Editorial Assistant and Production Assistant, for the upcoming Spring and Summer 2015 issues. The interns will work closely with staff through the stages of publication.

Students are highly encouraged to apply, as this is a unique opportunity and will count towards class credit. The internships, however, are open to all (college students and students of life equally considered). Internships are unpaid at this time.

Candidates must:

•  Be based in Miami

•  Own a car (gas money is reimbursed), and a computer

•  Not be overloaded with other commitments

•  Be flexible and organized

•  Have a willingness to learn and take initiative

•  Communicate well, and ask plenty of questions

If interested, please reply with a statement of interest and an attached CV or resume to
The Miami Rail


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