Internship- Yeon Jin Kim

This artist is at Fountainhead Residency and is looking for help with her project… read below what she describes she is looking for.  This would be a great experience for whoever is interested to work with her and also to spend time at the residency.
Contact Yeon (pronounced “young” fyi) at-
During the residency, I am building  a set and diorama for my next animation video. As I told you, I am looking for an intern who can help me with cutting paper and cardboard, basic drawing skills, mostly pencil drawing. My process is repetitive and obsessive so someone patient and responsible would be suitable for this job. Once or twice a week for 2-3 hours would be really helpful for me to finish one or two sequences here.
I am sending you the links to my website to see the examples of my dioramas.
What I am working on right now is not as involved as any of the examples.
Yeon Jin

Yeon Jin Kim

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