The Bass Museum reached out to me to see if anyone would be interested in giving tours of Art Basel’s Art Public (outdoor installation of sculptures and performances in Collins Park) and their new Peter Marino exhibition during Art Basel which is Wednesday 12/3 – Sunday 12/7.

If you are interested you should email Kylee Crook, head of the Education Department at the Bass at

Kylee wrote:

If they are interested they can either attend meetings that are the next 2 Thursdays at 10:30am, if they have school or can’t make it for whatever reason they can contact me and arrange a time to meet and learn about the art projects etc. that they will be giving tours of.
We cannot compensate, neither can we guarantee anything, but I am almost certain we can give them a few VIP passes to some of the art fairs. (it would be for like Red Dot, Select, Art Miami, The Bass Opening,  possibly Scope and Pulse and maybe a few others)
They do not need to commit to all day everyday, I can be flexible with their schedules.
This is a great opportunity to practice talking about art and it would look great on your resume.  Besides, it would give you experience working at a museum which could be helpful to you later as a job possibility.  Basel week is also Final Critique week, but it would be good nonetheless.
We will be at the Bass next week to meet Kylee, hear about her job and tour the GOLD exhibition which will be part of your final project.

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