Project #4- Process and Material at the de la Cruz Collection

For Project #4 you are to create an artwork that is a response to a work (painting or sculpture) in the de la Cruz Collection.

Please prepare a model/ mini maquette of your sculpture or painting to present as a proposal- DUE Wednesday 11/12

This project is DUE on Monday 11/17.


Ideas to remember when devising your project:

– The collection is presented with a focus on Process and Materials

– Abstraction is another theme with the works on display

– You are not copying an existing work, but rather taking an idea and taking it to the next step.  Think about the ideas, process and materials used in the work you choose.  Be conceptual in your approach.

– No limitation on size but the scale needs to support your idea and intention.

– You can make a painting or a sculpture.

– Go back to the de la Cruz Collection to study the works.  Don’t be afraid to ask to use the library there.

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