Class Calendar through the end of the semester

There are only 5 weeks left in the semester!  Here is the class calendar through the end of the semester…

Monday 11/10

8 am- WARP book review (be prepared on Monday but review will be spread out between Monday and Wednesday)

9 am- Daniel Clapp (from de la Cruz Collection) in-class lecture

10:15 am – leave for Fountainhead Residency and the home of Dan and Kathryn Mikesell.  Tour and artist visits start at 11am

The Fountainhead Residency

690 NE 56th St.

Miami, FL 33137

Wednesday 11/12

– Finish WARP book review

– Discuss article from the “Uncertainty of Objects”.

– Proposal for de la Cruz project (Project #4) DUE.  Proposal to be in the form of a model/ mini maquette to be presented in class.

Monday 11/17

CRITIQUE for de la Cruz assignment- PROJECT #4

Wednesday 11/19

– WARP book review

– 9:30am – leave for the BASS MUSEUM

– Final Project introduced

Monday 11/24

– Final Project Proposals.  5m presentations on research and conceptual ideas by each student.

Wednesday 11/26


***  LAST DAY for all late and revised WARP book entries

Monday 12/1

Group 2- FINAL PROJECT Critique

Wednesday 12/3

Group 1- FINAL PROJECT Critique

Monday 12/8- LAST DAY OF CLASS

– WARP book review

– TURN IN BINDERS (for final grade)

– Present revised Social Practice projects

– LAST DAY to redo past assignments

*********JURIES DATES TBA********

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