The art collective Yemenwed’s new live performance piece will feature movement, song, dialogue, animations, and sculpture. Drawing inspiration from televangelism, wellness centers, variety shows and Bollywood, Heavy Flow is a spectacle of expression that aims to speak to many of our contemporary concerns from healthcare and climate change to depression and self-improvement. The EMPATHEATRE becomes a shape-shifting entertainment venue – a theatre set that is part cultural center part cabaret and part live television studio.


Heavy Flow features three live performers, who use gesture and vocalizations to communicate a personal and at times ecstatic relationship to their own physiology and to society. A talking sculptural object and character named ICE, who made his debut as a nightclub MC in a previous Yemenwed performance, will play the role of the show’s host. The main set piece is a massage chamber built for four, which evokes contemporary Miami architecture and serves as an experiment in wellness design. A projection of live-feed close-ups will be used to highlight details throughout the show.

Thursday, November 6, 7–9pm

Saturday, November 8, as part of PAMM Free Second Saturday
Tuesday, November 11, 2–4pm

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