Thisishappening: Anwar by Julie Grosche Nov. 8

Please join us in the garden for an original performance by Julie Grosche, featuring a live animal and video projection. The work is inspired by Anwar Zayden, a local Miami celebrity-cum-meme, who was made famous on Instagram for arriving at a party on horseback


Julie Grosche is a French artist based in New York City. She graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Art in Dijon, France and is the co-founder of PMgalerie in Berlin, Germany and of Bcc, an itinerant curatorial project. Her work and curatorial endeavors have appeared internationally at Pauline’s, New York City; Reference Gallery, Richmond, Virginia; Domestica, Barcelona, Spain; PROGRAM, Berlin; Favorite Goods, Los Angeles; Oslo10, Basel, Switzerland as well as Based In Berlin, Berlin, Germany. Her most recent solo show the harbinger was held at Kappa Theta Phi in Richmond,VA

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