thisishappening at Emerson Dorsch

These are performance happenings occurring this week, Oct. 23rd & 25th.

Thursday, October 23 @ 9-10:15pm
Listening starts at 9pm

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 10.10.46 PM

Saturday, October 25 @ 2-6pm
Boise Bob and His Backyard Band

Where oh where are you tonight? Come visit and sing along with your old pals Boise Bob and band as they rehearse some of their classic chicken fried tunes.


The move toward an art that is living is a common signpost for the contemporary period, and stems from a desire for urgency – to matter. This paradigm shift toward the privileging of experience, both lived and virtual, is compounded by a hyper-awareness of how we craft ourselves in (real)-time. thisishappening presents an opportunity to consider how we record experience, beyond documentation, in a manner that can subsist within a gallery context for aesthetic and critical engagement with non-material objects.

Over a period of eight weeks, Emerson Dorsch will present a selection of events, screenings, performance, and interactions that will address a range of concerns within the discourse on art as experience. The works included facilitate exchange through encounter – connecting those who create, own, use, critique, or consume them.

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