Social Practice readings for Project #3

****Revised on 10/19*****  The “No Longer Normal” text was missing a page and Domingo changed his assigned readings.  Sorry for the last minute change.  Try to read as much as you can for tomorrow and the rest as soon as possible.  You will need to incorporate these ideas in your project.  Thanks!


3 READINGS on Social Practice….

The first is called “No Longer Normal: Critical Exchanges in the Landscape of Art” by Ted Purves and Shane Aslan Selzer

No Longer Normal-Purves, Selzer1

Artist Domingo Castillo will be in class tomorrow to talk to you more on Social Practice.  He has assigned these readings:

Rainer Ganahl’s El Mondo (video +text)
Claire Bishop’s The Social Turn, Collaboration and it’s Discontents
Extra Credit:
Introduction to a Critique of Urban Geography by Guy Debord

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