Project #3- Social Practice

Project #3 – Social Practice – due Monday November 3

You are to find a business/ institution/ site on the map (near NWSA) and make

an artistic intervention in that location.  Be sure to choose a site that has social,

cultural and/ or political dynamics that you will be addressing in your concept.

Your gesture should not be aggressive (for example, NO graffiti) but rather a sensitive, thoughtful, generous gesture.  Not merely a random act of kindness, your idea should be integrated in the identity of your chosen location.

For proposals, critique and your documentation, you should be able to communicate your intention for your project, the rules that define your interaction and the results of your investigation.

Think about the role your chosen location plays in the community.  Who is the

audience?  What are the dynamics of the place and how are you part of it?


You must fully document this project (photographs and writing) in the binder.

Boundaries: NE 4th Street to the north; NE 1st Street to the south; NW 1st Avenue to the west; NE 2nd Avenue to the east

social practice map

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