Hey WARP!!!!  Good morning!  Reminder that today is a carpool day since we will be leaving class at 10:45 to go to PRIMARY PROJECTS to see AUTUMN CASEY’s solo show.

We are lucky to have the opportunity to meet the artist Autumn and have a conversation about her work.  We are asking every artist we will meet to assign a reading, video, link that will be the basis of the discussion we have about their work.  Please be sure to have done the Richard Brautigan reading “Revenge of the Lawn”, and check out the link to Sigmar Polke’s show at the MOMA and a video by Irina Arnaut.

WARP Car Pools 2014

Juan C. – Driver

Luis Fucci

Rodrigo Camacho

Francisco Flor


Emanuel Ribas – Driver

Doralis Ponce

Michael Lopez

Ervin Downs



Alejandro Vera – Driver

Andres Vera

Rafael Rodriguez

Estefania Osorio


Lorena Diez – Driver 

Juan Vinasco

Audrey Mercer

Johanna Peña


Stephanie Hadad – Driver

Jorge J Pérez

Otniel Castro

Janos Gonzalez

Lysandra Menendez


Laura Rodriguez – Driver

Lisbet Romero


Ashley Cox – Driver

Ramses Loaces

Alexis Gonzalez

Andrea Cantillo

Sean Tao


Nicole Rivero – Driver

Hannah Richardson

Diane Amaya

Ashley Lopez


Alec Kreisberg – Driver

Talia Ore

Jonathan Munoz

Monica Hernandez

Andre Coutard

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