Today and tomorrow @ CANNONBALL


  • Thursday, September 11, 2014
  • 7:00pm – 8:00pm
  • Cannonball (map)
  • 1035 N Miami Ave
  • Miami, FL, 33136
  • United States

Cannonball presents a public presentation by current Artist-in-Residence and CIFO grant recipient Carlos Martiel. Designed as a conversation between Martiel and Cuban-born local curator and writer Marivi Véliz, the presentation will be a critical engagement with the growing body of Martiel’s performances, which include excising a piece of flesh from his body, pinning medals to his bare chest, and laying on a bed of ice.

The presentation will serve as a prelude to Sentence, a new performance that Martiel has developed to be presented in Miami, through Cannonball’s Commissioning Program.

This presentation will be in Spanish.
Free and open to the public


September 126:00 PM


Starting at 6pm on Friday, September 12, Cuban-born and current Cannonball Artist-in-Residence Carlos Martiel will produce Sentence, a new public performance that reacts to his unnerving encounter with the urban and social experience of contemporary Miami, particularly areas of north downtown and Overtown.

Known for performances that explore the coercive interactions between the individual and the state, particularly as these revolve around race and Afro-Atlantic heritage, Martiel has enlarged the scope of his concerns with this new piece: from identity to concrete economic conditions; from autobiography to social narrative; from the kind of inscription on the body that a centralized state produces to another one that results from the more diffuse forces of economic disparity. Fully-covered by a weighty, concrete-layered bedspread bolted to the sidewalk, Martiel will lay naked for as long as he is physical able to.

    Sentence is produced and presented through Cannonball’s Commissioning Program. A small publication documenting Martiel’s new performance is forthcoming.

Free and open to the public


  • Friday, September 12, 2014
  • 6:00pm – 11:59pm
  • Cannonball (map)


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